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Gaming Stocks

If you've lost some cash in the Casinos, this may be the way to get it back. Although the 'Wild Cat' days of gaming stocks may be over, there still are plenty of opportunities.

Many of the companies have merged. Some have privatized. And some have done both. Harrah's merged with Park Place Entertainment (Caesars) and is scheduled to go private in the next year. Station Casinos is also in the process of going private. MGM Mirage acquired Mandalay Resort Group to form a much larger MGM Mirage. Indications, however, show that this too may go private. Trump Entertainment Resorts is also showing signs of being sold. Penn National Gaming is also in the process of going private. These mergers and privatizations will probably spin off casinos to other publically held companies. This will increase investment potential.

Macau (China) has boosted the holdings of Las Vegas Sands (The Venetian), Wynn Resorts and MGM Mirage since they have casinos there.

I have illustrated to the right a list of the better known Gaming Stocks. It is up to you to do your research as to whether investing or trading in stocks are something you want to do. Check with your financial advisor / broker before investing.

Remember the stock value could go down, but - they can go UP!


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